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Shades of Blue - a personal view from one of the fans

On the 30th April 1967 THE SHADES OF BLUE an Army pop group from Detmold in Germany made Army history by winning the only official army pop group competition after a series of heats held throughout the whole British Army. The SHADES won the final with “ I WANNA BE FREE”
a self penned composition. Having won this competition the SHADES were told they had to change their name as there was a group in America performing and recording under that name. Their name was changed to PERSIMMON`S PERCULIAR SHADES and under that name recorded and released their only single “ COPLINGTON “
Sadly as far as recording singles or albums go that was the end of the SHADES, other than a limited edition four track cd which featured the tracks off the single “ COPLINGTON and WATCHMAKER” as well as a cover version of the Bee Gees hit “To Love Somebody” and a track called “Can`t Change Me Now”
Somebody somewhere got it all badly wrong. The SHADES deserved better than that. I saw the SHADES when they first started out in Detmold Germany. I auditioned them at Ellis Barracks in Detmold, Home of 20 OFP, whilst looking for bands to appear regularly in our Junior Ranks Club. As soon as I heard the SHADES OF BLUE I was hooked. They were a good tight group who`s lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Mick Trewella, always gave gutsy performances and the harmonising was second to none. The rest of the band consisted of Howie Dutton (Rhythm Guitar) Fred Bowes (Bass Guitar) and Roger “Polly” Pollard ( Drums)
The SHADES were, in my opinion, as good as any of the pop groups at that time on the uk pop scene. Groups such as THE EASYBEATS, THE BEE GEES, and The Fab Four themselves THE BEATLES.
Could the SHADES have gone on to conquer the world ?
YES I believe they could. You had to see and hear the SHADES to appreciate just how good these guys were. Their own compositions were phenominal. Songs such as “TOO MUCH SUN ( Isn`t Really Good For Anyone ) and “ I WANNA BE FREE” and of course “COPLINGTON”.
These songs were on par with the likes of “Friday On My Mind” by the Easybeats or “New York Mining Disaster 1941” by the Bee Gees
Would I have bought a SHADES album? Most definitely.
The SHADES are the only group , outside those that did make the scene, who I really really liked. There were other groups on the curcuit in Detmold at that time, groups like BURNS AND BLUES and THE PUTNEY TRICYCLE COMPANY WORKS BAND, THE LIONS but none of them were as good as the SHADES. Am I biased ? Perhaps a tad . These guys would have shook the world given the chance.

James Wilson

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I was the manager of Burns and Blues in Detmold, and I found it really interesting to read about The Shades, It sounds like you had more fun than we did..
Scott Murray
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