Thursday, 26 April 2007

Kim the SoB Group Dog

We had a small alsatian dog called Kim. Howie acquired her but I can't remember where from.
We were all living in Army accomodation blocks and dogs were definitely not allowed. We smuggled her
in and kept her hidden from the NCOs and Officers because if they found out about her, she would have to go.
After a while it was discovered that Howie had this dog so we quickly moved her from downstairs where Howie's room was to my room upstairs. Everything was going fine until about 1 hour before a Commanding Officers Inspection. The Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) came round on a pre-inspection just to make sure everything was immaculate. I hadn't realized but Kim had got out of our room briefly, made her way to the washrooms and shit several times in there. The RSM discovered the little brown packages and went mad. He carried out a search of the rooms but by then we had her well hidden. A few weeks later the whole Headquarters had to go on military exercise which involved being away from barracks for several weeks. Naturally I couldn't leave Kim behind so we smuggled her out on exercise in a kit-bag. Things were going ok, she sat by my feet in the radio truck whilst I was on shift and I let her run round a bit at night during darkness. Then distaster struck.
One day whist on duty in the radio truck the RSM came to visit. I didn't hear him climb the small steps at the rear of the vehicle until he began opening the door. Kim reacted very quickly. She got to her feet, bared her teeth and sprang forward hitting the RSM about chest height. He gave a muffled cry and fell backwards off the steps. Kim stayed in the vehicle but I jumped out t help to RSM to his feet. He was now a nice shade of purple. He to me the dog was now under arrest and instructed me to take her immediately to the guard tent.
That evening both Kim and I were given guard duties as punishment. The following day the RSM told me he had made arrangements to give the dog to a nearby farmer who had agreed to take her. The last I saw of Kim was as we drove away from the location we had been staying at. I sat in the back of a Landrover and watched as I saw Kim jumping like a kangaroo through swaying corn in a huge field. It was the happiest I had ever seen that little dog.

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