Thursday, 26 April 2007

Lost for words

On the lead up to Christmas 1967 our RSM informed us the Shades were going to perform at the HQ childrens Christmas party. It was not negotiable. Reluctantly we moved the amplifiers, guitars and drums etc into position in the HQ Cookhouse. There was no stage so it meant the audience were at the same level as the group.
When the doors opened about 50-60 children aging from about 2 year old up to about 10 started charging in followed by about 30 - 40 parents, mostly young mothers, obviously attracted by such a popular band of musicians. We had no repertoire for kids so just played our normal stuff. After performing several songs and requests from the adults Fred announced over the microphone to a group of kids sat on the floor almost at our feet, "Uncle Michael will sing Jingle Bells for you". I nearly collapsed with shock as we had never rehearsed this number. He asked the kids if the wanted this and they all started shouting yes..... I turned from the audience and quickly worked out what I believed to be the chord sequence, shouted to the lads in the band, C F and G and after a count of 3 began playing. It was then I realized I only knew the first verse! After repeating this verse 4 times a big mouth kid right at the front shouted out loudly and his voice got amplified over our microphones, "He doesn't know the f***ing words". This caused me to dry up completely and we quickly finished the song.
I think I accidently stood on the child's hand when we took a break shortly afterwards.


Anonymous said...

I just wish I'd been there!

Unknown said...

I was a member of DEtmold Youth Club between 1966 & 68 and the group played at the youth club. I was also at the competion with other members of the club who travelled by 3 tonner which I thinf was supplied by 3 RHA. I have an original copy of the single. The group also let me a afew friends practice on their equipment. They were a superb group. Thanks for the entertainment lads

Barry Dunning ( son of BQMS A Dunning 4 Arm'd WKSP REME)